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The Rig Pass is a basic and necessary safety course to ensure the safety of the staff who will enter into any drilling facility. Felco Energy Solutions through its virtual training center (CVT) is the first company worldwide to offer the course Rig Pass Online Certified by the prestigious IADC with internationally validity.

Online education is one of the main tools of large corporations, companies increasingly integrate this type of education because of the opportunity offered by the E-Learning system. We integrate Interactive Multimedia Experience (IME) is a new way of presenting the Rig Pass course, so that makes it more participatory, more dynamic and fluid through activities and materials that ultimately, you will enjoy and learn in each step of the process. Besides being pedagogically designed, making the information presented on the screen is as stated and understandable way to expedite the learning of all materials.

The issue of compatibility with devices is solved by designing our course to be responsive to each device, whether mobile or desktop, as well as the various browsers and operating systems. We add materials that aim mainly to create awareness to the worker, which is very important to care for his integrity, work, business and most importantly, his life.

Some of our satisfied customers:

  • Seadrill (Norway).
  • Tesco (Houston).
  • Russiko (Russia).
  • Unioriente (Colombia).

"This system has incredibly optimized the work of my staff (French, Russian, Argentina, Brazil), saving time and effectiveness are two of many benefits, as well as being available in English and Spanish".


Berenice Martin
SeaDragon Platform Coordinator