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  • Safety

It is a mandatory basic industrial safety course for all people who have to access some oil facility either private, Mexican oil or who develop drilling work anywhere in the world, both at sea and in areas Terrestrial.

It aims to train and raise employee awareness of the occupational risks that are present in a workplace, by taking appropriate safety measures to identify risks and prevent accidents.

Based on the principle that all incidents/accidents can be prevented and for unforeseen events to consider them within emergency plans so that they minimize their consequences.


Raising awareness of the need for on-site protection and prevention measures during the performance of their activities, unifying basic safety knowledge to obtain international certification.


By accrediting yourself to RIG PASS, the user will be aware of the risks that may exist and the preventive measures that can be employed in case of any event that endangers his or her life or that of another person.

Achieving a culture of safety that will be transmitted from person to person through the identification and control of risks in conjunction with the practice of exercises.

Aimed at:

All personnel who are interested in working in the oil and gas industry because in Mexico is mandatory.

Registered with the STPS.

Accredited to the IADC.

Unit 1 - Safety Principles

Unit 2 - Personal protection equipment

Unit 3 - Communication of risks and handling of hazardous substances

Unit 4 - Occupational Health

Unit 5 - Work procedures with risks

Unit 6 - Fire Combat Prevention

Unit 7 - Materials management

Unit 8 - First Aid

Unit 9 - Working environment

Unit 10 - Emergency Response Plan

Unit 11 - Environmental protection in drilling

Unit 12 - Transport

Unit 13 - Safety in the water

Unit 14 - Marine Waste

Unit 15 - Excavations, ditches and props

Unit 16 - Dams and Containers

  • Juan Arturo García

Certified instructor.

Application sector:

  • Oil worker

Equipment to use:

  • EPP Kit (Personal Protection Equipment).

Teaching material provided:

  • Participant Handbook
  • Pen
  • Mark text
  • Personifier

Course level:

Basic Level

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