Defensive driving

  • Safety

Defensive driving involves maintaining a safe space between our vehicle and other road users, making other drivers notice the presence of our vehicle and having enough time to make decisions.

The objectives of the course are: prevention, the application of techniques and knowledge to prevent road accidents and traffic violations, and, to modify the change of behaviors and attitudes behind the wheel; to drive in a safe, responsible and legal way.


This defensive management course aims to complement the knowledge and skill of the participant in this field, its importance is that if the participant implements these principles, he will benefit from himself, his family and the entire population in environment.


The participant will know the important points of the traffic regulations, learn what it means to drive defensively, why and how different types of accidents occur with motor vehicles and what should be done to avoid them. In addition to honing their knowledge and management skills, the application of this learning is seen in the benefit of both the participant, his family and the general population of the environment in which they operate. Contribute to the improvement of the road safety of society.

Aimed at:

All personnel driving a utility vehicle.

Registered with the STPS.

Accredited to the IADC.

Unit 1 - Legal lybee of handling

Unit 2 - Recognition of signals and transit devices

Unit 3 - Accident Analysis

Unit 4 - How does an accident occur?

Unit 5 - Accident Prevention

Unit 6 - Conditions needed to drive defensively

Unit 07 - Standard Accident Prevention Formula

Unit 8 - Prepare for the unexpected

Unit 9 - Mystery Clash

Unit 10 - Emergencys

8 hours

  • Francisco Zenteno

Certified instructor.

Application sector:

  • All industries

Teaching material provided:

  • Participant Handbook
  • Pen
  • Mark text
  • Personifier

Course level:

Basic Level

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