Major emergency management

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When an emergency occurs, no matter the cause and place, it is indicative that all preventive procedures and measures have collapsed. This state of emergency can become chaotic if you don't have trained personnel and if you don't have a plan to address a major emergency. The submission to the control of an emergency must be carried out in that direction, with the proper training of the staff and with strict compliance to a major emergency management plan.

The major emergency management course is practical theoretical aimed at medium-command personnel in the different industrial sectors with the aim of supporting in emergency control, resulting in saving or preventing human losses, damage to the environment and facilities.


Gain knowledge and develop basic Incident Command System (SCI) skills.


At the end of the course, leadership, decision-making and resource management skills will have been developed in the participant. In the practical phase they must demonstrate competence in these skills by executing drills and visible results in the company belonging to the medium term.

In the course the student will be able to acquire knowledge and skills in Security and Self-Protection at the management level, acquiring an optimal knowledge to easily develop in responsibilities of prevention of damage, safety and solutions to emergency cases.

Aimed at:

Operations, maintenance and personnel involved for equipment emergencies.

Registered with the STPS.

Accredited to the IADC.

Unit 1 - Course Overview

Unit 2 - Overview SCI (Incident Command System)

Unit 3 - Main Features of the SCI

Unit 4 - Functions incident commander and commanding personnel

Unit 5 - General Staff Functions

Unit 6 - SCI Facilities

Unit 7 - Common Responsibilities

Unit 8 - Following-practice incident command system exercise

  • Francisco Soriano

Certified instructor.

Application sector:

  • All industries

Teaching material provided:

  • Manual de participante
  • Pen
  • Mark text
  • Personifier

Course level:

Advanced Level

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