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The handling of hazardous substances and materials in work in different industrial sectors being a necessity to keep up and forth workers who handle, transport and store all this by walking to do so safely, preventing incidents, injuries, leaks, spills. So it can be defined as a process of interaction and exchange of information (data, opinions and sensations) between individuals, groups or institutions, as regards threats to health, safety or the environment, with the purpose of community knows the risks to which it is exposed and participates in its mitigation.

Risk communication is a process that facilitates the exchange of information between the various stakeholders, such as government and academic institutions, private companies, non-governmental agencies and the general public. This process should cause changes in the behavior of affected people and improve decision-making to reduce risks.


That the participant identify, assess and control the risks posed by the substances in order to prevent accidents in their workplace, carrying out plans and programs to control and minimize the action of chemical agents in their person for the benefit of itself and the community.


At the end of the course the participant will learn to identify risks by exposure in their tasks, knowing the use of appropriate protective equipment. Practicing with autonomous air equipment and encapsulated suit. Compliance with the requirement that will give you openness to develop and work in various industries.

Aimed at:

Operational staff, area coordinators and HSE

Registered with the STPS.

Accredited to the IADC.

Unit 1 - Norvative framework

Unit 2 - Responsibilities

Unit 3 - Risk Communication System

Unit 4 - Classification of hazardous materials, substances and wastes

Unit 5 - Chemical risk communication system in transport

Unit 6 - Specific personal protective equipment

Unit 07 - Interpretation of letters or symbols

Unit 8 - Risk Atalls

8 hours

8 hours

  • Juan Arturo García

Certified instructor.

Application sector:

  • Companies that handle products or chemicals.
  • Companies transporting products or chemicals.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.

Teaching material provided:

  • Participant Handbook
  • Pen
  • Mark text
  • Personifier

Course level:

Basic Level

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