Search and rescue brigades in administrative centres

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The orderly and planned eviction of a work area can help us save the lives of its occupants. Having a written evacuation plan, which is known to the occupants of the property and conducting drills is very important to achieve a successful evacuation in case of a contingency.

The course will help us understand the basic principles of civil protection in terms of evacuation processes and through various updated techniques, you will know how to locate and search for a person who could be sick or injured, in the event of an emergency situation disaster in an administrative area of any public, private and social sectors.


The participant may have the knowledge and skills of search, rescue and evacuation techniques for people, injured and sick in the centers or administrative offices, carrying out the necessary measures to reduce the destructive impact of an emergency, accident or disaster based on the analysis of the internal and external risks to which its installation is exposed.

You learn how to use available resources, and updated techniques in a group way, and apply your knowledge in locating, searching, and rescuing a person who may be lost, sick, or injured in an administrative area.

Aimed at:

Personnel who were part of the brigade.

Registered with the STPS.

Accredited to the IADC.

  • Juan Arturo García

Certified instructor.

Application sector:

  • All industries
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Teaching material provided:

  • Participant Handbook
  • Pen
  • Mark text
  • Personifier

Course level:


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