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Physics and Industrial Safety

  • Accident Investigation Methodology approved by PEMEX.
  • Emergency response plan developing.
  • Monitoring security operations measures.
  • Risk Analysis Process.
  • Modeling risk scenarios of pure substances and mixtures (Using Phast Software Version 7.1).
  • Hazard chemicals communication.
  • Atlas Health risks elaboration.
  • Monitoring the medical surveillance program.
  • Authorization management for using cameras, video and communication radios.

Specialized Training

  • Certified training courses before STPS (Ministry of Labor and Social Security) and IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors).
  • Development of training programs as established by the STPS.
  • Dissemination of PEMEX guidelines.
  • PPE delivery plan development and monitoring (Personal Protective Equipment) as established in NOM-017-STPS-2008.
  • Implementation of vehicular guideline 800-80000-DCSIPA-L-002 (Pemex Vehicular Access Control).

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